Everything about the John Goodman Diet and Weight Loss

Let's end the rumors about how John Goodman lost weight

The John Goodman Weight Loss Story: Lovable Oversized Fred Flintstone No More

The John Goodman Weight Loss StoryIf you’ve seen recent photos of him, you’ve undoubtedly thought to yourself ‘wow, how much weight has John Goodman lost?’ Or wondered how has John Goodman lost weight so effectively! Certainly, if all the John Goodman weight loss pics are any indication, the popular actor is now a mere shadow of his former self. In fact, you’d have to agree that he looks fantastic!

So how did John Goodman lose weight?

There is a saying “If it’s to be it’s up to me.” Could a simple piece of advice like this have galvanised John Goodman into turning his life around? Encouraged him to shed the unhealthy pounds that may have made him the best Fred Flintstone ever but was not a desirable way to live?

Well, however he did it, John Goodman after weight loss is an impressive sight!

For John Goodman, weight loss hasn’t always been something he had to think about. Once upon a time, he played football. In fact, he was good enough at playing football to earn a football scholarship to Missouri State and he intended to become a professional footballer. However, an injury sustained in college put paid to that idea. His other interest in college was theater so he took that up instead and the rest, as they say, is history.

John Goodman rose to fame playing Dan Conner in the popular sit-com Roseanne. He’s also starred in a number of films, including The Flintstones, but his most notable collaboration has been with the Coen brothers, with whom he’s worked on 5 films. A talented theater and voice over actor, John has also been in demand for commercials. Since 2007 he’s been the voice behind the Dunkin' Donuts commercials.

Unfortunately, as his popularity rose, so too did his size, aided by alcohol abuse and his enormous appetite. During the Roseanne years, he admits to regularly crash dieting, losing lost 60 – 70 pounds each time. Then he would reward himself for being such a good lad by overeating again. By 2011 the actor has revealed that he weighed in at around 400 lbs.

As is to be expected of a former footballer, John Goodman is fairly tall. A full six feet, two inches tall. The Body Mass Index (BMI) recommends that a healthy male standing 6’2” should weigh between 145 and 194 pounds. Depending on build. At 400 lbs, John Goodman weighed twice that! Eventually, with his 6’2” frame carting around twice the amount of weight it was designed for, enough was enough. It was time for action! Getting control of his drinking problem in 2007 did help somewhat. Attending regular AA meetings has kept the problem under control. The John Goodman diet however still needed work. A lot of work!

Is There Really A John Goodman Weight Loss Diet

How did John Goodman lose his weight?

If you ask Google the question ‘how did John Goodman lose weight’ you’ll find there are all sorts of theories out there. There are the ones about a miraculous John Goodman weight loss diet! And the ones about John Goodman gastric bypass surgery! The real question though is - exactly how much of this can be believed?

As it turns out, not a lot! The truth about John Goodman’s weight loss is very simple. It’s also quite uninteresting in comparison to the theories. What changed was John Goodman’s diet. And his attitude to food and exercise! Nothing anywhere near as sensational as some of the stories would have us believe. Certainly, no miraculous diets and no John Goodman weight loss surgery either!

The Real John Goodman Weight Loss Success Story

Recognizing his compulsive addiction to overeating, John hired a health coach. Who introduced him to portion control, took him off sugar and put him on a regular exercise program. The coach also changed his diet. Out went the junk food and in came things like fish, fruit, salad vegetables, nuts, avocados and olive oil. Diet and nutrition aficionados will recognize this as a Mediterranean style of eating. Why Mediterranean? Apart from the obvious nutritional and dietary benefits, studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet can help with age related problems and longevity. It has also been implicated in improved heart health, reducing the risk of heart disease.

The other thing John’s health coach did was put him on a daily exercise program. The routine includes regular work on the treadmill and an elliptical bike. Six days a week, every week of the year! This, combined with his new dietary regime, is the truth behind the John Goodman weight loss story.

Another thing John does are stomach crunches. These are not a high calorie burning exercise. However, they are beneficial for helping tighten abdominal muscles. They’re also recommended as a way of firming up sagging skin caused by excessive weight loss.

What Is John Goodman’s Current Weight

How much does John Goodman weigh now?

We don’t know for sure what John Goodman’s current weight is. Understandably, the exact figures are not public information. We do know though that the answer to the question ‘how much weight did John Goodman lose’ is ‘around 100 pounds.’ Or one quarter of his total body weight. Those are impressive statistics nonetheless.

According to his health coach, and John himself, the current John Goodman weight loss success story has happened because he wanted it badly enough. That means he’s been prepared to put in the required time, effort and commitment to make it work. Unlike his crash diets of the past, he’s also taken things slow and steady this time round. Most importantly, he recognizes that this is a lifetime commitment. At 66 years of age, he’s now fitter than he’s been since his football playing college days. He has embarked on some new movie ventures and who knows, we could even see him in an action figure role one day!

So if ever there was someone who can truthfully stand up and say “if it was to be, it was up to me” it’s John Goodman! We take off our hats to you, John Goodman.

Things YOU Can Do To Lose Weight

So if John Goodman would have taken "a pill here and there" to help losing weight: What would he have chosen? We can only think of two products:

They're called

HCA FIT and Chlorogen800

John Goodman weight loss - HCA Fit Garcinia CambogiaJohn Goodman weight loss - Chlorogen 800 is an EASY Way to Burn Fat and Get Lean!

If you watch TV or read the news, you’ve possibly seen or heard about a celebrity weight loss supplement touted as the “secret”, and absolutely safe (because it's natural!) alternative. Well, today it’s a secret no longer because we’re here to tell you all about it.

A very real and significant concern when losing weight is how you'll look. You could end up with sags and bags, or you could end up lean and buff. If your body shrinks in size as you lose weight without the skin area also "shrinking," you could end up with loose skin hanging around your upper arms, waist, stomach, and other areas. By the time you attain your ideal size, the only solution for tightening up your skin is plastic surgery.

John Goodman Weight Loss Tip 1

Avoid Weight-Loss Sagging

You can avoid sagging skin by starting strength training now and continue throughout your weight-loss program and beyond as you maintain your new size. That way, your skin will shrink along with the rest of you. By the time you attain your ideal size, new people you meet will have no idea that you were ever overweight. Why? Because your skin will fit your body. Do this with strength training.

John Goodman Weight Loss Tip 2

Stamina, Energy, and Strength Training

You want quick results in losing weight, and you can achieve them with strength training. After only three months of two hour-long strength-training sessions a week, your body will become smaller. Your waist will be smaller, as will your upper arms, and your stomach will be flatter.

You only need to do two sessions of strength training a week. If you feel really ambitious, you can do three, but don't do any more than that. Strength training causes small tears in the fibers of your muscles. This is good, because as they repair on your "off" days the muscles become stronger and tighter. If you do strength training every day, your muscles won't have time to rebuild between sessions.

John Goodman Weight Loss Tip 3

Strength Training Approaches

  • Free weights. Very popular, easy to use, widely available. Start with 2- to 3-pound weights and add weight as your body adapts to the weight.
  • Stretch tubing. A stretchy thin tube with handles on each end. Resembles a jump rope. You can purchase in several levels of resistance.
  • Flex band. A long, wide, stretchy band used for resistance training.
  • Ankle and wrist weights. Strap them on for resistance as you do strengthening exercises.
  • Body bar. A long, weighted bar used for resistance training. May or may not have additional removable weights on either end.
  • A big inflated ball on which to do exercises. Seems innocent enough, but provides really challenging strength-training exercise.
  • Magic circle. A circular handheld ring, about 15 inches in diameter with handles across from each other. By compressing the circle with legs, arms, and other body parts, you can get quite a workout.
  • Pilates classes and equipment. An exercise method that creates long, lean, and strong muscles, plus very strong abs and terrific posture.
  • Exercise machines. Set the resistance of the machines to match your strength levels.
  • Power-pump classes. Lift weights while you keep pace with the music.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Because of this, a person with higher muscle mass could weigh more, and yet wear a smaller size. In addition to using your weight as a measure of attaining your ideal size, take into account your body fat percentage.

John Goodman weight loss - HCA Fit Garcinia CambogiaJohn Goodman weight loss - Chlorogen 800 is an EASY Way to Burn Fat and Get Lean!

Having a higher body fat percentage brings with it significant health risks including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and autoimmune disorders.

When you have your body fat tested at a health club or at a health practitioner’s, you’ll receive a reading of body fat, water, and muscle percentages. All three add up to 100 percent. Assuming that the amount of water weight remains almost constant for each individual, the variables are body fat and muscle. The more muscle you have, the less body fat you have (and vice versa).

Here are ideal body fat percentages:


  1. Up to age 20: 14-21 percent
  2. Age 20 to 50: 17-27 percent
  3. Age 50+: 20-30 percent


  1. Up to age 20: 9-15 percent
  2. Age 20 to 50: 14-21 percent
  3. Age 50+: 19-23 percent

John Goodman Weight Loss Tip 4

Understanding Body Fat

In body fat measurements, lower is usually best, but don’t go below the recommended guidelines. A person must have at least some body fat to be healthy. Fat pads internal organs such as the kidneys, and it also offers protection against cold weather. For women, the minimum recommended fat percentage is 12 percent. If a woman has less, her menstrual cycles could cease. Men must have a minimum of 5 percent to stay healthy.

John Goodman Weight Loss Tip 5

Improving Your Muscles

By doing strength-training exercises for two to three hours a week, you can reduce your body fat percentage by as much as 10 percentage points within six months.

Having less body fat and more muscle gives you more energy, higher stamina, more muscle definition, and a higher metabolism. This means you’ll burn through calories faster and can eat more food without gaining weight.